Dible Dough Marketing Campaign - selection of digital ads featured in social media and Walmart stores
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Marketing Campaign

The Challenge

Dible Dough Cookie Dough Bars, recently granted nationwide distribution in Walmart, needed a strategic marketing campaign to boost sales velocity in key regions across the country. Lundmark took on the responsibility of devising the campaign strategy, crafting creative content, overseeing the campaign, and providing comprehensive result reports.

The Solution

Utilizing sales data obtained from Walmart and the client, Lundmark developed a targeted media strategy centered around a paid social media Awareness campaign. Analyzing data from over 2,000 retail locations, insights were extracted from the highest and lowest performing stores, ensuring that advertisements were strategically placed to maximize sales impact. Consumer profiles were created to target users based on interests, and lookalike audiences were generated from existing followers to broaden the reach.

The creative development process incorporated two distinct approaches. One set of creatives featured bold, vibrant brand colors for an attention-grabbing introduction, while the other set closely mimicked the established Walmart brand, creating an immediate connection between the product and the retailer. To facilitate seamless conversions and encourage in-store sales, ads were linked to a Store Locator integrated into the client’s website, enabling consumers to easily find nearby Walmart stores with Dible Dough in stock.

The Result

Leveraging Walmart baseline store data successfully identified markets in need of additional sales support. The campaign achieved strong metrics, boasting a CPM of $1.74 and nearly 1.5 million impressions. Weekly dollar sales witnessed an across-the-board increase, and sales lift was demonstrated in all targeted geographies. Beyond delivering results, the campaign contributed to fostering a stronger partnership between the brand and Walmart.

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