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Private Label Brand Launch

The Situation

Casey’s General Stores, an Iowa-based convenience store chain that operates 2,300 stores in 16 states, made a strategic growth decision to launch their own private label program. The product line offering includes 100+ new, low-price, high-quality snack and beverage products under the Casey’s private brand. The goals of the new program were to meet the needs of the Casey’s shopper, elevate the brand, and drive impulse buys.

The Solution

Lundmark was challenged to develop a Casey’s private label brand for packaged goods that would reflect the brand the shoppers have grown to trust. The design would cover a wide range of products from chips, jerky, nuts, and snack cakes, to beverages, plasticware, and automotive supplies.

It was important to build the brand and create a full-store billboard effect with the new items. We chose to focus on the iconic Casey’s barn and rooster with the red brand color across the product line. The top third of the package reflected the new Casey’s brand followed by the product name and descriptor. This allowed for a clean and appealing package design that created a dominant effect in the stores and easy shopping experience.

The Result

The launch of the private-label brand has been a tremendous success. Casey’s is continuing to bring on new products and exploring other opportunities for the brand.

“Our private label program continues to outperform initial expectations. After the first month of the reset, the Casey’s brand was the most popular non-tobacco brand sold throughout the chain,” according to Casey’s President and CEO Darren Rebelez. “Private label has really been a great benefit for us, and something that we have begun to appreciate is just how strong the Casey’s brand is and how much it resonates with our guests.”

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