Borden® – Brand Transition & Package Updates

Borden Brand Transition & Package Updates

The Challenge

When the Borden brand logo received a redesign, over 300 package SKUs needed updating within a very narrow window of time. The in-store transition should be seamless, with no inconsistencies on-shelf and no loss of consumer brand-recognition. American Dairy Farmers called on Lundmark.

The Insight

Prior to Lundmarks involvement, Borden packaging was handled by multiple sources with frustrating inconsistencies and unpredictable expenses. Creating an organized and streamlined packaging development process would save time and money, provide brand consistency, and offer a single source for production and archives.

The Solution

First, redesign the packaging without confusing loyal Borden customers. Lundmark set brand standards for design and content across all product types and sizes. Next, rollout the change in record time across hundreds of items. Planning and productivity were key. Lundmark worked with multiple printers to trouble-shoot and ensure consistent print results. An achievable but ambitious time line was set and monitored. Constant contact with all players in the overall project kept the results on-task and on-time.

The Result

With attention to detail Lundmark delivered on-time and above expectations. Becoming experts on the Borden brand and DFAs specific business structure offered whole new level of service, quality and confidence to the client.