Turf Materials' trade show booth multiple views of the environment
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Trade Show Booth – Exhibition Display

The Challenge

Turf Materials, a prominent supplier of aggregates to golf courses nationwide, recently secured an exclusive distribution agreement for a unique specialty soil amendment. Their objective was to announce this groundbreaking partnership at the GCSAA Conference and Trade Show, the industry’s largest event. Lundmark took charge of designing the aesthetic and ambiance of the trade show booth.

The Solution

For Turf Materials’ inaugural exhibition at the 2024 GCSAA Conference & Trade Show, they aimed for a booth design that would make an immediate impact, enhancing their brand visibility and market presence. The design incorporated elements highlighting key products familiar to the golf industry, such as bunker sand, topdressing sands, and greens construction materials. Additionally, a custom podium unit was included to showcase Turf Materials’ best-selling products.

The Result

The booth received enthusiastic reviews from both the client and trade show attendees. A notable strategic advantage of the design was its built-in adaptability. Deliberately designed for deconstruction, portions of the booth can be repurposed for other trade shows with a smaller footprint, effectively spreading the expense across multiple events.

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