The Nest Bar & Grill
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Website Redesign

The Challenge

The Nest Bar & Grill, located at Falcon Lakes Golf Club, sought to revamp their online presence to better showcase their highly acclaimed menu. The existing website lacked impactful photography that conveyed the exceptional ambiance of the restaurant and quality of food. Lundmark was commissioned to conduct a photoshoot and redesign the website to enhance the restaurant’s digital presence.

The Solution

Lundmark collaborated with The Nest to determine the visual aesthetic desired for the new website. A full-day photoshoot was conducted to feature the best-selling menu items, with each one photographed from multiple angles and styled to highlight the dazzling colors, fresh ingredients, and thoughtful details of each dish. The images allowed for the creation of a visually stunning website, optimized for search engine results, and designed to be easily maintained and updated by the client.

The Result

The new website launched to positive reviews from staff and customers. The structure of the site improved the user’s functional experience, and the new imagery allowed the menu to shine. Digital metrics since launch have shown an increase in user engagement with the site.

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