2020 Website Trends

Welcome to 2020 – a year where minimalist design continues to be a trend for both packaging and website design. We’ve discussed packaging trends in a separate post, but are frequently asked by clients “What’s in style?” with website design. Below we have analyzed our favorite website design trends to be aware of as we kick off the new decade.


2020’s mantra: Less is more. The wave of minimalistic design is here to stay. Throw out any filler words and have a site that is concise, clean and most importantly easy to navigate. Remember that white space is your new best friend. A similar trend that coincides is “lightness,” which means the use of thin fonts, light images, and simple colors. 


Competitors may try to copy your brand colors or typography, but one thing they can’t copy are custom illustrations. Illustrations are a great way to help your brand stand out and can help users digest content fast and efficiently. Hand-drawn illustrations can be customized to fit your message and ultimately help you stand out from competitors. Mailchimp does a great job of this. Using illustrations to draw attention and using illustrations throughout to tie everything together in cohesion. 

Oversized Typography

Just like oversized sweaters, oversized typography is now on trend! Direct users where they should look first with heavy visual typography. At the same time, when using a bold font, remember less is more! A lot of bold typography can be overwhelming when there’s a lot of content to read. 

Broken Grid Layout

Yes, a grid layout keeps all elements aligned, organized and is visually pleasing. But it’s a new decade and it’s time for something different. Using a broken grid, provides designers the freedom to utilize floating elements, such as text or an image, by placing them where necessary but still keeping the natural flow of the site. The Cancer Research Foundation website is a perfect example of this trend and how clean a website can be using a broken grid layout. 

Dark Mode 

You may have opted for “dark mode” feature on your mobile phone or have noticed a darker Spotify. Over the last year, we have seen applications and websites favoring “dark mode” designs, which is sharper, easier on the eyes, and enhances readability. A dark background provides a high-contrast backdrop for bright visuals to stand out in a not-so-harsh way.

While these trends may be “in” at this point in time, always make sure your website is easy to navigate and the user experience is prioritized. Not all of these trends may work well together so it’s important to evaluate your website’s purpose and stay true to your brand. And, we would love to chat if you need help with an upcoming website redesign or refresh project.

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