64% of consumers try a new product because the packaging catches their eye.ª New packaging design drives sales, but what’s needed to manage the package process?


  1. Analyze the Competitive Landscape:
    Gain insights into the market, competitors, retail environment, and consumer feedback.
  2. Construct Insights into Concepts:
    Move from data & ideas into visual communication. Parallel collaboration allows efficient refinement of design. Reveal the result of insight and evaluation of the package, merge feedback and make revisions.

    • Brand Identity
    • Consumers
    • Shelf Environment
  3. Initial Photography, Illustrations or Renderings:
    Commonly known as “For Position Only” or “FPO”, this are initial ideas for the photo or image that will later be refined and replaced with the finished image. The FPO allows designers to communicate the idea for approval, while saving time and money.
  4. Polish & Present:
    Reveal the result of insight and evaluation of the package, merge feedback and make revisions.
  5. Finalize & Proof:
    All Elements Ensure the package complies with all legal and regulatory mandated guidelines, such as Nutrition Facts panels, ingredients and product UPC codes.
  6. Send Files to the Package Converter:
    After approval, the artwork is prepared to the printers specifications for the press.
  7. Manage the Conversion Process:
    The print process requires examining spot color samples, also referred to as “draw-downs.” Printer proofs are received and double-checked.  “Press Checks” ensure color & quality is maintained as the press runs the artwork for the first time.
  8. Package Assets:
    Package Photography is used to produce marketing materials and support retail channels.
  9. Package Archiving:
    All artwork images and fonts are archived and files are secured for future packaging revisions. 
  10. Managing the Packaging Process:
    Lundmark excels at managing the packaging process, overseeing all aspects of producing the final package.
    We also produce sales support materials and coupons to increase trial and improve consumer satisfaction.

Are you new to the package process or stepping into a new role that requires managing packaging from design to print?

Contact Lundmark to ensure your package process is managed effectively.


ª MeadWestvaco Packaging Matters™ Annual Survey, US; The Purchasing Process In-Store.
Infographic: packaging process concept to cart
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