Event Marketing - Kick-It 3 v 3 event in Tulsa last month

In just a few short weeks, the official start of summer will be on our radar. Ok, maybe the kiddos will be more in-tune with the exact day summer begins on the calendar, but for the rest of us, it’s always nice to know we are still far away from the clutches of old man winter! Along with the extra hours of daylight, summer brings vacations (for the lucky ones), lounging by the pool and of course, awesome outdoor festivals and events that are definitely on everyone’s radar.

You can’’t attend a concert or event these days without spotting at least a few promotional tents. Giveaways, contests and engaging fan activities are all highly effective ways brands can promote their products at said events, but they aren’’t always easy to pull off without a hitch (more on that next week). At Lundmark, we’’ve recently helped one of our newer clients, Hot Dot, promote their product through event marketing for Kick-It 3V3 soccer events in Tulsa and in Dallas at Toyota Stadium, home of Major League Soccer team, FC Dallas.

What does a brand stand to gain from event promotions?

Turns out, quite a bit!


Newer brands should be seeking out public events where they can ramp up their exposure, especially in the earlier stages. Getting your name out there at events keeps your brand fresh in the minds of consumers in your niche, hopefully converting event-goers into buyers. Established companies looking to boost sales or update their brand image may also benefit from getting out there in front of the public, helping consumers re-discover their products. Handing out branded gear or samples of your product never hurts either!

Engagement and Feedback:

Whether positive or negative, every brand needs feedback from the consumer in order to determine what is working and what might need attention. This is sometimes a scary thought for brands with an online presence, as they want to ensure their product is being used successfully and customers are getting the value they expect. Addressing consumer feedback (good or bad, and in a timely fashion, I might add) is essential in order to satisfy customers’ needs and keep them returning to the brand. Some companies are now so customer-centric that they have on-call social media responders whose job is to be available 24/7, should a problem arise.

Testimonials and Recommendations:

Even though advertising and social media still have powerful influence over what products we are exposed to, old-fashioned word of mouth is golden. If someone has a great brand experience, many will tell a friend or maybe post a Google or Yelp! review to voice their satisfaction. Brands can build credibility by providing continually exceptional service, which is propelled by getting great feedback. Recommendations allow brand enthusiasts to tout their experiences on your brand’s behalf.

Above are just a few basics for what successful event marketing can provide. In our next blog, we will get down to the nitty-gritty of what it takes to execute an awesome brand promotion! Now it’s your turn: What are some fun and engaging consumer promotions that gave off the ‘wow’ factor and how did they grab your attention? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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