Magnifying glass making the nutrition facts larger for inspection.

We’ve all been there: grabbing a quick snack or rushing through the grocery aisle, trusting the information on the packaging to guide our choices. But what if that information isn’t entirely accurate? A recent article in Baking Business highlighted this very issue, reporting a lawsuit against Bimbo Bakery alleging discrepancies between advertised ingredients and the actual contents of their products. This situation underscores why clear and compliant food labeling is essential for both consumers and manufacturers.

In the ever-evolving landscape of food and beverage manufacturing, staying compliant with FDA regulations is not just a necessity but a cornerstone of consumer trust and brand integrity.

The Importance of FDA Label Compliance

FDA labeling requirements are designed to protect consumers by providing them with accurate and essential information about the products they purchase. Non-compliance can lead to severe consequences. For consumers incorrect allergen statements could lead to health-threatening situations. For the business that could include fines, recalls, and damage to a brand’s reputation. The case of Bimbo Bakeries serves as a stark reminder of the vigilance needed to maintain compliance.

Lundmark’s Expertise in Packaging Design and Compliance

At Lundmark, we pride ourselves on being experts in packaging design that meets all FDA requirements. Our team of skilled designers and regulatory specialists work closely with clients to create packaging that is both visually appealing and fully compliant with all necessary regulations.

  • Understanding Labeling Regulations: We stay up-to-date on the latest labeling requirements, ensuring your packaging meets all legal standards.
  • Crafting Clear Ingredient Statements: We make sure ingredients are legibly listed and proofread for accuracy.
  • Designing Transparent Nutritional Labels: Nutrition panels have very specific regulatory guidelines for formats and font sizes depending on the type of package and product. We’re experts at finding viable solutions for every situation.
  • Eye-Catching Design that Complies: We believe packaging can be both beautiful and informative. Our designers will create packaging that grabs attention while ensuring all required information is displayed clearly.

Transparency Builds Trust

Choosing Lundmark means choosing peace of mind. Our proven track record in packaging design and FDA label compliance ensures that your products will not only capture the attention of consumers but also meet all regulatory requirements, safeguarding your brand’s integrity.

Don’t let labeling issues derail your success. Let us help you navigate the complexities of FDA compliance with confidence and creativity. For more information about our packaging design and FDA compliance services, contact us.

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