Growth of Store Brands

Thinking back to when I was a kid, I would always ask my mom if I could go with her to the grocery store. I remember cruising up and down the aisles, whizzing by all the different products, not really knowing what she would buy or why she would choose certain items over others. At this stage in life, my only concern was how I would convince her to buy Fruit Roll-Ups – or something equally sweet – before we made it to the checkout line. It usually worked.

Now I pay more attention to what’s on the shelves than I did back then, and packaging (whether national or store brand) does get me almost every time. I do think store brands have always had their work cut out for them when it comes to packaging. It’s kind of like the Barbie/Skipper syndrome: for a long time, many store brands have been overlooked, though some perform just as well as their shiny, highly recognizable counterparts.

One of our designers here at Lundmark recently sent me a cool article on store brand packaging and how these items are getting more attention, while proudly standing alongside recognized national brands.

The article, from Packaging Digest, focuses on what’s trending in store brand packaging. Here’s a short recap:

Imaging and Font

It seems that many store brands are now boasting brighter, more vivid colors and contemporary fonts to capture millennial shoppers without veering too far off the original design path. Contemporary photography seems to be playing a bigger role too, especially with some store brands wanting to showcase a more sophisticated, handcrafted, ‘locally- sourced’ feel to their packaging. Matte finishes are also becoming more popular in plastic packaging, standing out in a sea of glossies.


Bolder, more visibly prominent labeling that spans several product categories helps save consumers time when they are looking to grab and go. We see specific colors and logos, which trigger familiarity and comfort. This seems like a trend to be widely embraced by many audiences, as anyone can appreciate any amount of time saved these days!


Store brand packaging that showcases artwork or photography of an item’s real ingredients on the front of packaging seems to create a more premium, high-quality image for the consumer. Ingredient lists themselves are also getting more exotic, as many brands are testing out new flavor combinations and tastes in order to appeal to a wider audience. Remember when sriracha first came on the scene? Now it’s in everything from chips to chocolate. It’ll be interesting to see what big food trend will pop next! My bet is on quinoa.

Some store brands pride themselves on their large selection of delicious, namesake branded goods, like Trader Joe’s, whose 80% of overall products fall under their own label. ALDI is another example, with around 90% of its brands being ALDI exclusive. ALDI was even voted ‘Retailer of the Year, 2014’ by Private Label Store Brands for their aid in growth of the store brand category.

It’s nice to see that store brands are alive and well today. They’ve come a long way, and that’s a label anyone would be proud of.

Do you dabble in store brands? What other trends have you noticed when it comes to store brand packaging? Send us a message, we would love to hear from you.

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