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Website design in today’s industry has become a way for people, companies, agencies, anyone and everyone to tell a story. Their story. About who they are, what they do, what or how they think. A website can be a very powerful tool, especially when you start to tell a story with it. has come up with the Top 10 websites that show “Personality through Visual Storytelling & More”… and we think they are all pretty brilliant.

Here are a couple of our favorites, but make sure you check out the whole Top 10 list!


Lundmark's favorite visual storytelling website design - coffee
This website takes you through the journey of a coffee bean, from bean to brew. Since we here at Lundmark THRIVE on coffee, we appreciate the journey of the coffee bean!
Lundmark's favorite visual storytelling website design - sprinkles
We always appreciate fellow creatives unique websites. These people look fun. And they must like donuts so thats a plus in our book!
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