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Dunder Mifflin
Now you can play, “The Office” at the office.

Well played, Staples. Yes, it’’s obvious, but brilliant.

Staples entered into a licensing agreement with NBC to market and sell “Dunder Mifflin” brand paper products and office supplies from it’s website last year. The two-year agreement and “reverse product placement” concept leverages the popularity of the sitcom, “The Office” as it winds into final seasons.

With a newly expanded product line, Staples conducted a crowd-sourcing contest to produce a regional Super Bowl ad. The winning spot will be aired in Scranton, PA during the big game, but will receive national recognition though social media.

Click the link below to view the winning ad titled “Paper War” by Freddy Rabbath of Tallahassee, FL and see the Dunder Mifflin line at the website.

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