Tool Time: Lundmark Crew Gives Back

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The Lundmark Crew

This past week, the Lundmark team got the chance to head out into the sunshine and put in some volunteer time after recently finishing the Habitat for Humanity Kansas City website redesign. The weather was a clear, sunny, 78 degrees and couldn’’t have been more perfect for our day out of the office!

We arrived bright and early at the Habitat for Humanity office, ready to get to work. After a cup of joe (or two) and some granola bars, we were ready to head out and take on the tools! When we arrived at the worksite, we were greeted by some friendly members of AmeriCorps, Chelsea and Anthony, who were in charge of construction for the day. Our mission: put up siding on one of the Habitat homes in the Kansas City area that is currently being built. We were instructed to help grab some materials and scaffolding from another worksite to be used as a steady platform for adding siding to the upper portion of the house. Those of us who were afraid of heights took on other jobs, like carrying materials or cutting pieces of siding in the front yard of the house.

After a few hours of measuring, cutting and nailing down siding, we worked up an appetite and were ready for a good lunch! We were able to relax a bit, get some much-needed food and talk about what everyone has been up to lately. It was a great time to bond and continue getting to know each other outside of work. After re-fueling, we were ready to get back out and finish what we’’d started that morning!

The afternoon sun was beating down on us, yet we continued with the siding and managed to get one full panel done around the front door of the house and a significant portion finished in back of the house. We felt accomplished! The great folks at Habitat came by with ice cream treats in the afternoon, which is just what we needed near the end of our building journey! We hammered out (pun intended) a few more panels of siding in back and in front of the house for good measure and wrapped up the day by helping to gather up tools and building materials to put back in the house for the next work crew that would be coming through to help finish what we’’d started.

Volunteering was a great way to break away from the nine-to-five, help others in need and reconnect as a team. If you or your team has never volunteered at Habitat for Humanity, I highly encourage you to get involved! Check out the Habitat for Humanity Kansas City Volunteer Page  for more information. Also, don’’t forget to check out our photos from the day on our Facebook page.

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