The First of its Kind Kia Forte – First to Market

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Kia promotes it’s new Forte compact sedan with a questionable “first-to-market” strategy.

Kia recently launched their new Forte with TV support positioning the vehicle a compact sedan that is, “The First of its Kind”” and spotlights the car as a “”Pioneer”” in its class.

All the fanfare due to the inclusion of… “drum roll please”… an engine, that goes fast (which is not what I think of when Kia or compact sedan are mentioned) as well as a couple other features found on almost every car sold in the US. This is what a “pioneer”” looks like?

Sarcasm aside, although the Forte does not include the latest automotive innovations it doesn’’t actually look like a bad car. After watching the commercial several times I can see the attempt to connect on an emotional level, however, leveraging the chosen elements didn’’t do it for me. It actually reminded me of the BASF campaign, ““We don’t make a lot of the products you buy. We make a lot of the products you buy better”” only without pivotal “”better”” proposition.

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