Target Gets Crafty with Instagram

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Trick or Treating has arrived on Instagram a couple weeks early!

Target’s Instagram Halloween Hills

In a very clever marketing strategy, Instagram followers of Target are getting treated to an early Halloween by transforming users’ feeds into the virtual neighborhood of “Halloween Hills“.


By “knocking once” on any of the virtual blocks in the neighborhood, you’re presented with options to either Trick or Treat. The tricks take you to a post that gives the user a detailed DIY tutorial on how to make fun tricks.

For example, when _trick_09 was clicked, we got directed to this tutorial on how to make a Mummy Piñata. If you had chosen _treat_09 instead, you would have been delivered to an adorable Halloween themed recipe for Cauldron Cupcake treats.

This is a perfect example of how brand awareness is the hero of this campaign over sales. It’s a very creative and social way to engage users. This social media push will definitely leave a smile on the face of its Instagram-ers. Bravo Target. Bravo!

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