Shrek Packaging Execution – It Ain’t Ogre… Til It’s Ogre

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Shrek Packaging Execution
Shrek Packaging Execution

It Ain’t Ogre… Til It’s Ogre

Yep, Shrek Forever After (that’s number 4 if you’re counting) will hit the big screen on May 21st. But don’t worry, if you need your Shrek fix now take a look at what we’ve been working on – Shrek Twinkies, CupCakes & 100 Calorie Packs. We think Donkey would be proud.

Shrek Packaging Execution

What’s the most important aspect of the project? Well, there’s several. Timing is obviously very important and maintaining the production schedule ensures on-time deliveries. However, creating the production art is critical and will make or break the schedule. Producing accurate color is paramount and is both the responsibility of the production artist and the printer. Great communication and experience keep the process moving, often avoiding time-consuming and costly roadblocks that can jeopardize in-store delivery dates.

Here’s an image of the Hostess Shrek CupCakes packaging press proofs with the style guide sitting on top. It takes a sharp and experienced eye to proof, evaluate and provide printer direction to make any necessary adjustments before the final packaging goes into production. The final product, Shrek in the perfect shade of Ogre green (delivered on-time and on-budget).

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