Has Facebook Advertising Gotten Out of Control?

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We’’ve all heard of it, most of us use it, and the majority of us can’’t get enough of it. So why wouldn’’t companies and businesses reap the rewards of such pragmatic advertising space? Is Facebook really allowing advertising to get out of control, or is it just another scroll of the finger for Facebook users?

It seems logical, smart even, to get your ad in front of Facebook’’s 1.1 billion users. Recently I read an article on Forbes.com outlining the out of control spiral Facebook was falling into concerning the amount of advertising it was allowing onto their site. In fact, this April, Facebook started making headway in its push to increase sales via mobile devices, by offering advertisers even more ways to reach people over wireless devices.

In recent months, we have all noticed the new ads that have started to infiltrate our News Feed, masking themselves cleverly as Posts. Because, let’’s face it, so many of our friends are sharing articles and pictures and that undoubtedly hilarious YouTube video these days, those pesky ads just seem to fit right in! And of course we’’ve all become accustomed to the slew of ads that live on the right side of your browser screen, catered specifically to you because of the pages you’’ve chosen to ““like”” over the years. But let’’s be honest, we’’ve all pretty much accepted these by now.

Is this too much advertising to deal with?
Is this too much advertising to deal with?

My question to you is, does this really matter? Does the addition of these ads really affect your user experience in such a negative way; and are you really going to stop using our beloved Facebook because these ads are being suggested to you?

My initial reaction to this question was “No; I really don’’t think these ads have that negative of an impact on me as a user. That being said, I think Facebook is starting to slide down a slippery slope. If they continue to cater to the advertiser and not so much to the user, there may come a day when the social networking world starts to flock to other sites that have created a more welcoming social environment.

I’’m curious; do you think that day will come any time soon? Is there a line that exists for you as a Facebook user, and if Facebook does indeed cross that line, will you be willing to give it up?

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