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Hands-on Prototype Design at Lundmark

We just LOVE when our clients give us fun projects to work on! We can’t give you specifics, but you can go ahead and call us “Michelangelo” while we show off our superb sculpting skills!


The advertising world is fast paced and whether you are a start-up or a century old company, launching a new product demands marketing. At Lundmark we quite often roll-up our sleeves and get hands on with product prototype design. Sometimes it requires photography, photo-styling, rendering software, 3D printing, or possibly sculpting and modeling. We know that speed-to-market is critical when presenting that new product for potential sales or consumer testing.

Check out these behind the scenes photos of a couple of our designers sculpting a prototype for one of our clients.

BunnyStep1 BunnyStep2 BunnyStep3 BunnyStep4 BunnySculpt4 BunnySculpt2 Bunny2_L BunnyPaint


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