2010 Graphic Design USA Awards*

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2010 Design Awards*


Congratulations to the greater Lundmark Advertising + Design team for their recent recognition by Graphic Design USA. This year, Lundmark received three American Graphic Design Awards for original packaging engineering & design, licensed property packaging design and interactive website design.

*Trophy collection for illustration purposes only. The trophy collection displayed was not actually won by Lundmark Advertising + Design, nor is this our racecar or our staff. Lundmark in no way is associated with Pete’s Welding or these guys (BTW, regarding the number 39 graphic on the racer, we think it should be italicized in the opposite direction, as if the speedster is screaming down the track at 100 miles per hour versus screeching to a dead stop like a minivan that just speed passed McDonalds). We do, however, share the same spirit and enthusiasm illustrated in this photo.

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