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I’m a bit behind, as this will prove, on my attendance of theatrical releases, sorry AMC. However, I will add that my wife and children more than make-up for my absence, you’re welcome Dickinson Theaters. Thanks to a Netflix subscription, I admit, I do enjoy my fair share of movie releases, and product placement.

Product placement in films has been around since National Geographic appeared in “It’s a Wonderful Life”. We have seen placement done blatantly, and it’s insulting as a movie watcher and consumer, but also so subtlety interwoven with the story that we can’t help but run out and buy something. It’s hard to deny you watched E.T. and did not crave a bag of Reese’s Pieces; sales of the candy grew 65% following the placement. Not much has changed today in terms of the varying quality of product placement and the struggle to avoid brand death. What does it take today to become a brand that achieves iconic status, to transcend placement and become story-line, and how does a zombie flick bring this to life?

When you think about a zombie movie you always go back to the George A. Romero film “Dawn of the Dead”, a first in its time. After that, all zombie films are challenged as remakes. Much like iconic brands such as Hostess and Garden Weasel, who make story-line & cameo appearances in Zombieland. Many challengers come along with products that claim to work better, taste better or cost less, but nothing compares or lives in our heart like the original. As marketers pony up cash to get their brands into movies to hopefully achieve iconic status, it’s the true iconic brands that actually inspire. Writers and directors have that classic product in mind, they know what they grew up with and experienced, and they know the iconic brands, we all do, check your pantry or tool shed, that’s what you buy. There is a reason products achieve iconic status, they are devoted to their brand and their customers. Iconic brands promote themselves truthfully and uncompromising. They stick to their brand, follow a list of rules, and guard their brand like their life depended on it.

Zombieland promotes the message, “Enjoy the little things.” It’s true in a zombie-pillaged world, and true in our own homes. The world is a hectic place and we need to take time to enjoy little things, and make life easier where we can. Iconic brands know this and don’t succumb to gimmicks and tricks when it comes to their reputation in the market.

What are some product placements you recall from motion pictures or TV?
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