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Parallax Web Design by Lundmark
Parallax Web Design by Lundmark

Web developers are now implementing what is called the parallax effect to enhance site design and navigation. In design terms, the parallax effect was first used decades ago in classic video games like SuperMario World. It has now resurfaced and has changed the way we approach not only design, but also scrolling and overall site navigation.

The effect creates a sense of depth or faux-3D through the use of multiple background images that seem to be moving in different directions and speeds. It adds visual interest to the world of flat, two dimensional computer monitors. Vertical scrolling can be used to guide consumers through content in an organized and strategic sequence. Not to mention, the design lends itself to promoting hero product images in a unique and cool way.

Parallax is derived from the Greek parallaxis, meaning “a change”. It is defined as the effect of an object appearing differently when viewed from various positions. Astronomers use the parallax effect to measure the distance between celestial objects. At Lundmark, we use the parallax effect to make functional and interesting websites.

To view an example, visit the Lundmark designed site for ColorScents.

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