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Lundmark Serving in the Community

Recently, the Lundmark team headed out of the office to lend a hand serving the community through Habitat for Humanity, Kansas City. Donating a day to the Habitat cause is a staff favorite that began six years ago. It’s by no means a day-off of work, the crew at Habitat KC have plenty of jobs waiting for us to tackle.

We meet-up at the Habitat headquarters on Linnwood and after a short history of the Habitat mission we head out to the address to find out what we will be doing for the day. With a chill in the air, but otherwise clear skies, we were delighted to be doing some exterior work. After all, we are trying to get out of the office and get some fresh air.

We met our site supervisor, Cameron, and he gave us the safety reminders for the construction site. He eyeballed Nick and Brandon and hinted that he had a job that would take a bit more physical exertion than typically required, but the help would be greatly appreciated. The rest of the team was dealt the job of beginning the exterior siding and began to set up the saw-horses, air-compressor and power lines. Nick and Brandon were issued an electric jack-hammer, and directed to the opposite side of the house.

The great thing about helping with Habitat is that you are helping to restore a home that will go to a deserving family. You are also playing a part in restoring that families pride through home ownership. Cameron noted that while it is rewarding to know the homeowners are getting a new start, there is something even more rewarding. Knowing that the children in that home will grow up knowing a home, and that gives them the confidence and stability to achieve success into adulthood. Yes, it gets deeply contemplative at the construction site.

We continued to break up unwisely poured concrete on one side of the house, and on the other side, carefully measured and cut the siding that will protect the home. Before we knew it the day was done. The remaining work would inherited by a larger volunteer group the next day. No injuries to report, but maybe a few sore muscles the next day. Cameron runs a safe construction site. Thanks Habitat for allowing us to pitch-in for the day, we’ll see you next year, if not sooner!

If you are a company, corporation or individual who would like to volunteer time or materials to Habitat for Humanity Kansas City, visit their beautiful website for more information. If you’re a DIY’er, shop at a ReStore near you!

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