New Regulations for FDA Food Product Labels

Regulatory Compliance Experts & Package Aficionados

UPDATE: FDA regulations have pushed labeling mandates into 2020. Consumers are still wanting to see more transparency in the foods the select. What should you be doing as you cycle package stock, when making artwork changes makes the most economical sense?

For almost 70 years, we’ve immersed ourselves on packaging regulations, best practices and compliance mandates. We consider ourselves FDA compliance experts. Recently the FDA announced Nutrition Facts labeling updates that will soon be required on all packaged foods. Lundmark is a perfect partner to help move your brand into FDA compliance through the efficient implementation of these new regulatory format changes.


  • Experts in FDA labeling
  • Product-line design development
  • Brand standards execution
  • File prep & printer transfer
  • SKU Management


  • Manage printer requirements and specifications
  • Pre-press review & approval
  • Press-check support
  • Project management & tracking
  • Approval process management
  • Asset Management & File archive system


  • Design & concept development
  • Digital package renderings
  • Product mock-ups
  • Digital shelf sets
  • Bi-lingual support
  • Product photography
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